Scaling Out LNM

Mar 15, 2007 at 6:48 AM
I look after the network at a secondary (k-12) school with ~1500 users and ~475 clients where we are refreshing our w2k AD servers, network infrastructure and operations to leverage w2k3 server including NAP and high availability as well as improve the day-to-day administration of the servers and network.

I am currently considering a deployment of LNM and have some questions regarding the scaling out referred to in the Deployment Guide.

We want to build a prototype of a scaleable, fault-tolerant and highly available test environment as a next step. Our test environment will comprise 3 x identical W2K3 Ent. Machines with Fibre-channel SAN - pretty much a 3-node version of the diagram on p141 of the deployement guide.

I am looking for a how-to install guide or tips for setting up this type of environment. I have scoured the LNM Install guide without finding anything about clustering.

If anyone could provide brief details or refer me to any other KB's or articles it would be most appreciated.

For example: Do we perform 3 LNM installs then use MSCS to cluster or do we build a 3 node MSCS cluster then load LNM?

Thanks in advance.